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About Would Like to Meet

100% Verified Membership

Every single member is verified by a living breathing person via our quick and simple webcam recording system or FaceTime chat. Result? No fake, misleading or catfish profiles.

Beautiful Date Planner

A super smart dating system that helps you suggest and plan a date with someone special in just a few clicks. We even help you pick a place! The perfect ice breaker.

Really Simple Personalisation

They say it’s the simple things that are the most engaging. Movies, music & holidays are a great talking point so add yours. WLTM automatically adds the associated image so you can get chatting.

Instagram Integration

Optional integration of your most recent Instagram posts.  Only the photos are displayed within your profile – no link to your Instagram username, profile, or comments…just an instant gallery update.

Post Date Feedback

Ooh, tell us the goss! Did you hang out for 10 minutes or 10 hours? Rest assured this remains strictly between you and WLTM and is entirely optional. Helps us help you and all our members stay safe and protected while dating.

Postcard Inbox

Our unique postcard delivery format, where each message thread is contained within a ‘postcard’ with a handy large image of the sender on the front. See whose mailed you instantly.

Find Matches Close to You

We use the latest browser technology to grab your approximate location (if you give us permission) to make the searching process quicker than ever! Home and work locations can be added.

Connect & Chat in Real Time

We live in an instant world and instant communication has never been more essential. Chat in real-time with fellow WLTMers – in style! Who doesn’t love some instant chat?

Meet the Team

Over the years we’ve both independently experienced the wonderful world of online dating, with tales ranging from the sublime to the bizarre! There are thousands of online dating sites; from the established globally known brands, through to some really basic ones with just a handful of members; but they all have one thing in common – little to no verification. You can set up a profile page and load pretty much any picture you like, claiming it’s you. If you believed some of the ones we’ve seen on other sites then Sienna Miller, Cindy Crawford, Jude Law, Homer Simpson, and a squirrel are all single and looking for love. We’re all busy people and the last thing you need when searching for that special someone is to waste precious time interacting with a fake profile.

The site has been created by two single people who want to make meeting others as honest and straight forward as possible

Drawing from our separate experiences, we’ve combined our knowledge and built a refreshing new dating website that is 100% verified, so that you know the person in the profile picture is the person you’re talking to and hopefully meeting soon. Each potential member has the choice of either a brief web cam call with our welcome team or recording a unique verification clip through their cam to ensure that they are the person in the picture, and that they’re not using decade old photos. Once approved we also monitor all photos uploaded to ensure no rogue pictures are sneaked in over time.

“Our goal for Would Like to Meet is to provide an honest, approved and trustworthy site. Ever heard the saying ‘Trust, but verify”? Well, we figure if someone is hiding behind a fake profile picture then what else might they be hiding?”

We’ve also put serious thought and effort into the design of the site. You can find more information on some of these unique features further down the page.

We sincerely hope you get as much enjoyment from using Would Like to Meet as we have creating it. If you have any suggestions or comments, please do email us.

Eden & Charlie

Super Quick Sign-Up

We’ve taken all the monotony out of signing up – we know it’s a chore. With us it’s so quick, especially if you pull in your info with Facebook. All we need are a few vitals, set a username and password and you’re away! Simple, right?

Rest assured your video is strictly for verification purposes. They will never be shared, published or shown to anyone other than a member of our verification team.

A Verified Community

Once you’ve uploaded a picture you’ll be invited to verify yourself, which is completed by either recording your own clip through your webcam, or having a brief chat with our verification team on FaceTime (if you’re using an Apple product). Either option can take less than 30 seconds and if your picture and video match, you’ve nothing to worry about and you’ll be hand verified super fast.

So make sure the picture you upload is a recent one of you…that’s the quickest way into the next generation of online dating – Would Like to Meet.

Dates that ‘really’ match you

No one likes a slow site, c’mon it’s 2013 – we’re driving robots round on Mars in this day and age!

With Would Like to Meet you can be matched in the traditional ways but also by your taste in music, film and places. We also save you hours of searching for your newest matches by automatically dropping them into your own ‘New Matches’ box on your dashboard.

Join the thousands of people finding love

We’re here to make sure you find someone. Our human approach to the way we run things is a testament to our longterm goal of making sure we bring people together.